New album is on its way

New album "Luxury Overdose" is almost done. And it's gonna be Fatum Aeternum second LP since "This Dream is Dead", that was released in 2011.

"This release is a big achievement for us (Evelyn and me), 'cause we did everything by ourselves. We were constantly recording songs during the past two years, trying to develop our future sound. In the past, we were quick to change our musical direction, but since the release of "The Darkest Hour", we wanted to focus on Doom-oriented music.  

We shared some demos on our YouTube channel, just to show that we're alive and working, but we didn't want to make any public announcements. We didn't know when we will finish this job, until now, when more than 90% of the work is done."

Steve Gershin

"More often than not, you want to make music - but life gets in the way. This album was a journey in terms of overcoming many inner and external conflicts/problems and making sure not to repeat past mistakes. At some point, we got so frustrated, that the only vision we had was to complete the task, finish the album and make sure that it's better than the previous one. I hope we achieved this, soon you'll be able to judge for yourself. Thematically, it is our usual drill - personal turmoil in the complicated world of the 21st century. Musically - you'll see."

Evelyn Shor

The Sermon
One Bastard
The Darkest Hour
Mass Suicide of Human Race
Simple Pop Song
Singing Songs of Desperation